Plástico Brasil is the right place for you, plastics transformation professional.

As a platform for connecting the entire plastics market, we launched the Plástico Brasil Xperience platform, where we bring together the main pillars of a successful event: content, business, and networking in a 100% digital environment, combined with engagement resources to build a sense of community in the plastics industry.

In 2022 it will be no different. What we can guarantee is that we will have many actions with completely online and free events, content about trends, technology, and innovation for your business, new launches, and subjects that will help all plastics transformation professionals and trademarks to keep up to date about what's newest in the industry! 

Don't miss this opportunity! Get to know the connection platform of the plastic transformation sector, the Plástico Brasil Xperience! You will have access to panels and conferences with the most qualified professionals about the main market trends, all on demand: wherever and whenever you want!



The fair confirmed its position as the largest event in the sector in Latin America when closing its second edition with many business and technology.

There were more than 800 national and international exhibition brands that presented their products and launches in a space of more than 40,000 m².

Plastico Brasil is a true business platform that provides new opportunities for exhibitors and visitors.

Be part of the main moment for the plastic sector!





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